Saturday, April 17, 2010

definitely curcol

just happened to pop-up the idea of writing and here i am!
well, it's been a while since i post my last notes then suddenly got a feeling of missing the thrill of 'curcol' in my own blog :p

and below is just some quick updates i wanna share :

i had my perwalian this morning. and again i was convinced on taking BIOLOGY as my major. hell yeah! all hail biology!!

AGAIN i was almost hitted and strucked by a crazy angkot driver. grrr

i finally got the JOMBLO video and totally loves the whole idea of the film itself

my HORMONES are driving me crazy

i was doing some ngungkep ayam and made my super fruit salad

tomorrow SITH will faced ftsl for a volley match (wish us a bunch of luck)

im currently using l'oreal elseve shampoo as it was a recommendation from my friend, and i was like oh-my-god-i-will-never-change-my-shampoo-ever-again

i was doing my own self-pampering to my face since i never really care about that and finally realized i was sooo sooo soooo *speechless*

never once i miss the feeling of missing my old folks

up till now my heart's not moving into touching MR CUTNELL and learn some of his writings about calculus since im facing my second calculus test next friday

i have an assignment due last thursday and postponing them up until now

i need a break from this routines and probably spending my time in the CARRIBEAN ISLAND. ahahha

i just bought a nice pack of crayons and drew some imaginary thoughts

seeing those poor and abandoned cats make me feel sick. wondering if those poor cats are mine back at home and simply couldn't resist the temptation of guilt

enough with the gloomy post,
i better cut this out. see you guys later!! :))


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