Saturday, April 17, 2010

volley and tailbone

i had my volley game this morning.
and we lost. :'((

but it's okay, since we had a very difficult time dealing with our mentality issue. not once we ever had any serious volley match (well except our supreee supreee captain). we actually never played any of this sport ever. and the fact that SITH is known as the most ultimate and undefeated volley team in our campus definitely makes us even more depressed. but again it's okay. looking back to the first time our team gathered, i feel so proud of us. we improved a lot. and that's what we should be grateful for. love you sitheads!! smooch smooch :*

by the way, we still have our chance of winning the next match and go to semifinal. go go go sitheads!! please cheer up :DD

and my tail bone still hurts a lot. uhuhu.
i felt like an old granny already ever since it hurt me. everyone's now calling me nini nabhila. (fine!!!!) it makes me hard to sit and makes me even harder to stand up from sitting. then the idea of me having osteoporosis keep haunting more and more. osteoposrosiiis. osteoporosiiis. osteoporosiisss. osteoporosiss. :'((

well, i had a biology test 2 weeks ago and there was one chapter studying about body movement stated that in biology we referred tailbone as a coccyx. and last week when it first hurt me, i kept saying "oooh, my coccyx is hurting me, my coccyx, my coccyx, uhuhuhuu" and once i was completely forgot the indonesian of coccyx. it cant be helped since im pretty sure that biology really is toxicating my brain. sos!!

well i felt like making a jelly now. off to kitchen. see you!

ps : im not touching mr cutnell up til now, and yesssss im planning on becoming a batman tonight. muahahaha

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Darylo McSteamy said...

how about a checkup bil?