Thursday, January 14, 2010

random fact of living in bandung

hey fellas. yeees. i knoow. im such a bad bloggie.

well, where to begin?
im currently settled in bandung. doing my own chores and laundry (sometimes ;p). no more momsy to help and to remind me what to do. no more momsy (again) to cook for my meal. and im having a great time here stuck in learning for what we called with fisika-kalkulus-kimia-semuanya-kayak-pantat-ayam. also having a spinning head dealing with hard-to-imagine-that-there-are-such-any-lecturers-exist-as-professors-like-them. tons of assignments with extra limited deadline is one of the best (?) part living in ITB. thank god, i'm making a lot of new friends and for what i'm so grateful is that fortunately they do act and think mostly same as me (read : kelakuan sama nyelenehnya). bandung has such a nice weather, except the fact that in the afternoon it could turn out my skin to be more and more tanned (for sure without my consent! grr).i succesfully lost (and making lost bunch of my friends) many times in bandung which apparently become my blessing and my specialty, later on they'd never take any of my advice in showing direction even when we litterally get lost (ok fine). and yes! biology is still my favorite, but now i have to face the fact that my asdos is soooo grrrrr. im becoming more chubby now, thanks to bandung and its yummy food. i also can't resist the tendency of spending my money into shopping here. ooh, you have to feel the thrill of shopping!! and the most painful truth is that i can't spend too much time here reading and watching for i have to use most of my time doing my assignments or studying for exams :'( . then sometimes (often) i also feel homesick, missing my mommy and her special (my favorite) brenebun soup, my daddy and his irresistible jokes and of course my kittens with their mess.

ahahaha. sorry for the random fact which i bet is beginning to give you some unbearable headache, it's just that i miss the fun spending and writing random things in my blog. hope you enjoy! :)

and i'm having my gpa score out next monday. wish me a greaaaat luck! *crossfinger

oh yesss, not to forget!
mood report : is currently in love with donald duck's fluffy tummy
weathercast news : cloudy (nice!)

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