Monday, January 18, 2010

hey big tummy

this one is my favorite since i was a little baby, and my sister's favorite up 'til now

later then i knew that this thing exist, realizes me that i could never resist any of his charm

there's also my other flings, a blue robot cat

but this one is for sure the most irresistible creature ever found. my first and my favorite comic book! who cares that he is the most unfortunate duck ever exist, he is also the grumpiest duck ever, but nyunyunyuu, if i could have this duck as my pet

hey mr duck! mmuaaah to your fluffy tummy :*

well, writing this post makes me realize one thing. they all have a big fat tummy. was that a coincidence? ahahaha. maybe, or it was only that their fluffy big fat tummy are so adorable.

weathercast news : thunderstorm
mood report : swinging

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