Wednesday, November 19, 2008

smp ceria :)

it was when i reopened my album photo and guess what did i found??

(cacat mental akut)

masa" dengan tingkat kenorakan mencapai level maximum.
we seemed to own the world! with us as the coolest and yet the most "gahoel" people ever exist.and now as we looked back the past, seeing and trying to figured what really was happened back then.we in our transition time.

with confident we may say 'aku udah gede! bukan anak kecil lagi!' but at the same time we also kinda insecure for what we did, for what we really want. like britney said : im not a girl not yet a woman. we tried to be a grown up and feel like one. ironically what we really wanted those days was just that someone would admit that we do exist in this world and they'd say willingly 'i know you!'. but hey, we actually didnt really have to do that! because we really are exist in our own way! people are way too unique to be same to each other.

did you remember that we used to fight over a silly boy and end up with a month not talking to each other.
or did you remember we used to do those menuju-puncak-dancing thing? even when we were in the mall. :]
and maybe you did remember about us holding a bunch of make up stuff and tried to applied all of them on our face.
how about flat stanley? did you still remember that?
and boneka jepang. how we really hate her.
what about us on the stage in front of the third grader, with confidence we dance and failed.
we used to be osis selundupan, remember?
photo studio was our favorite destination, right? (underline this, photo studio not a photo box)
kuning accident. twice!
ratu rese??
our little fashion show.
when we used to think that boys are everything. (stupid!)
and we loved to do pajamas party, continued by watching ju-on 1-3. (btw, we cant sleep that night, because of those damn ghost movies).
how we almost set the kitchen on fire.
crying out loud in the cinema, watching 'mengejar matahari'.
or perhaps 'armagedon' too.
turning the phone into loudspeaker when one of us has our boyfriend calling, and listen to the romantic (it supposed to be romantic) conversation.
ngesot video? i still got one.
along with the worst, ghost picture captured between us.
rebonding was the most genius hair-style ever exist.
nggg. tweety thing?hhahaaha. (okay, off the record :p)
.... (you may fill in the blank)

love you all guys!!!!

and this is us now :

(tenyata tetep cacat mental)

note :
masih jadi pertanyaan sampe sekarang. kenapa gaya lidah melet dan tangan metal dulu booming bget yaa?

mood report : lemes. abis makan obat flu. :(
weathercast news : mendung


haaii namaku qay ;) said...

haha ocol nah. lucu deh :))

tiaraayuwardani said...

nab tolong foto hina itu tidak usah disebar lagi. abis facebook skrg blog pula ini orang dasar nyebar aibb