Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Last night, I finally recover this blog, my dear long lost friend!
Ever since I found out how easy of a blog Tumblr is, I simply redirected to it (and for not to be left behind socially, of course) and completely forgot about this little friend of mine. Aaaand also forgot about my email, let alone the password I used for this blog. Ergo, finding out what kind of dumb email and creative password I used for this blog was rather a HUGE LEAP in my life.

So if any of you found this blog and wondering what has happen to me, am I bald now? Can I finally be skinny now? Or have I become smarter in the last couple of years?
Feel free to visit
As you can see, yes! I finally made a life improvement by not using akupengenmakanulet as my url address and use my real name instead. Thank god!

But, if you're just a bypasser and tun out to be unlucky enough to look into your computer screen and see this giant Sigundulhepii's Work! headline, also feel free to imagine your ass out, wondering what the heck is that supposed to mean. Last time I checked, even oxford and merriam-webster don't have the meaning of that word.

Smell ya later!

With love,
Nabhila Chairunissa

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